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Registration process

General information

Where are we?

Culture Service, PIC (Cultural Information Point)
Auditorium patio. Faculty of Law
Telephone: 96 590 3725 - 965909924


General information on the registration process:

Please read the following information carefully before starting the registration process.

1. Pre-registration, registration and fee payment

  1. To sign up for one of our culture workshops, you must first pre-register by filling in the following  form and ticking the option "Specialisation courses and training-oriented academic activities". Then, select the course you are interested in from the list. Once the form has been completed, a message confirming that the pre-registration process has been successfully completed will pop up.                                                                                                                          
  2. Pre-registration requests will be dealt with on the next working day after submission
  3. Once your pre-registration application has been admitted at the secretary's office, you will receive an email stating that you are already registered. They email will include your reference number, a link to the invoice and the instructions to access UACloud. Save it because you will need it later. This e-mail will be sent to the address you provided in the pre-registration form. If you have not received the e-mail, please visit the form again and make sure you provided a valid e-mail address.
  4. Once the registration process has been completed, a payment invoice will be issued. You must proceed to course payment within the deadline stated in the invoice, and before the course begins. Students will not be effectively registered until the invoice is paid.
    Remember that you can choose to pay with your bank card or in any bank entity stated on the invoice.
     Your invoice will be available in UACloud’sInvoice Payment app          If you do not remember your password, cannot access your email or UACloud profile, the UA provides you with an automated system to reset your UACloud access passwords.
    For this purpose, you will need the personal electronic email that you provided the University.

Link to request password reset:

You do not need to send us the receipt of the payment, even if you receive a notice stating so, as the process is automated.




Fee refund

The entire procedure is done through UACloud, eAdministration:

Once the course has begun, no fee refunds will be made.

The right to request a refund of fees expires in the corresponding academic year.

Diplomas, certificates and course factsheets


From 16 December 2015, academic fees for diploma and certificate issuance of specialised courses will be €27.34. Said fee was approved by the UA's Governing Council (16/12/2015) in accordance with the Decree on Fees passed by the Valencia Region Government.

Course factsheets are free of charge.

Requests for these documents must be done on-line.

Students may choose not to request the course diploma or certificate. Students will not be obliged to show said diplomas or certificates when requesting credit recognition within the University of Alicante, since centres can check whether the course has been passed.

To request diplomas and certificates: