Public speaking workshop: May I say something? Culture Service

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Public speaking workshop: May I say something?

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Semester: 2nd                  Type of course: Online            
Language: Spanish
Registration: From 11/01/2021 until workshop begins                  
Duration: From 20/04/2021 to 27/05/2021


Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8p.m.

Platform: Google Meet


This workshop is built upon the belief that all abilities can be trained. Its aim is to provide a set of innovative tools to maximise our resources, always from a creative and fun point of view, thus turning communication into an art.

As fantastic as an idea can be, it is not enough to just say it out loud;

form is as important as content. Our voice, our body and speech are the instruments available for communication between human beings. They must be trained.

It is all about working on the specific techniques that will help us make these instruments more perfect, more pleasant and more to the point. We can polish our speech techniques and build on our spontaneity and self-confidence. How? It’s very simple: just by talking and listening to others.

 This workshop is designed to share the knowledge, techniques and instruments acquired throughout the speakers’ wide experience in several communication-related areas, such as theatre, oral storytelling, pedagogy, psychology, and physical therapy.

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Marisela Romero


All the courses will begin of on-line form

Depending on the evolution of the Pandemia of the covid 19, the course will be able to become face-to-face.