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Introduction to digital video editing

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pending accreditation

Semester: 1nd                  Type of course: Online/semi face-to-face               
Language: Spanish
Registration: From 05/10/2020 until workshop begins                  
Duration: From 07/11/2020 to 28/11/2020       


Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Platform: Google Meet


This course will provide students with the basic knowledge they need to create an audio-visual piece. They will learn the whole process for making a short video: recording the material with any device (camera, mobile phone, tablet, etc.), importing it into the editing software, editing the recorded material and successfully exporting the edited video to upload it to YouTube or Facebook, make a short film, etc.

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Juan Carlos Cembreros Llopis


All the courses will begin of on-line form

Depending on the evolution of the Pandemia of the covid 19, the course will be able to become face-to-face.